Sunday, 29 April 2012

how to get serial key for any software 100%

 $ From These Website's You Guranted Get Serial Key's Of any software

# Go To Any One Website:-


> You only Have To these Method's:-

# Enter the software name in "search box".

# Hurreyyy..!! And you are done.

# Entering the name of sofware  in the search tab, will make it available for you... enjoy!!

how to create partitions on your pen drive!!
# The first thing that I would like to tell you is that this is not a easy tutorial because there is no simple way to DO partition IN a pendrive as it is detected as operating system as a removable media.
To partition a pendrive we need to make fool of the operating system into thinking that it (pendrive) is a hard drive. For this we will have to create our own set of drivers.
I am again warning you that this is an advance tutorial.

how to know who have unfriend you on facebook????

 # You might have seen several fake/spam message's which promisess you to identify the person who unfriends' you on facebook. But almost 99.9% of them takes the publishing right's to your facebook wall and keep spreading the spam messages on you wall.
But Now, I'm introducing to you with a new web application which will help you to know, Who unfriend's you on facebook. It surelly works 100%

> Follow these simple steps below to know who unfriend's you on Facebook:-

        @ Go to

        @ Tick on terms of use and click 'login with facebook'

     @ The website will ask you for some permissions, Click on allow.

       @ yipee... That's it..

# After that, Whenever you visit's "inandout".info you will get notified on who had unfriended you..

> How Works?

When you sign up to, they will collect's your friend list. And whenever you re visit Outandin, they will again check your friend list. And that's the trick they makes a calculation on who has unfriended you.


how to get rs. 150 recharge per month for free

# Yes, You have read it correctly, In this post, I'll tell you the "trick" to get free recharge of Rs.100 every month just for installing and running the app.The application called 'Smartphone Mate'. It works with all network providers in India.

Saturday, 28 April 2012

identify wheather you are keylogged or not !!!

This tutorial is just to make you aware of how RATS and common Viruses attack your pc and what measures you can take to defend them. I will start form letter A. It helps newbie people . First of all you need to know about some virus.